Duck Race

2023 Annual Oorang Bang Duck Race
June 10th at 6pm

Each rental costs $5.00

Duck Numbers 1-399 can be rented from LaRue Community Alliance, Shear Skills, and Coonies prior to the event and at the festival Friday and Saturday.

Duck Numbers 400-600 will be available through the form below, and we want you to be aware that some numbers are missing due to ducks “escaping” in previous races.

Scioto Valley Fire Department will either use the river or fire department equipment to mix ducks for the race to determine the top 2 ducks. The first 2 ducks to cross the finish line of rented ducks will be named the winners. Determination of winners will be made by the LaRue Community Alliance and is final. In an event that it becomes impossible to finalize the winners, a drawing will be held.

The WINNER does NOT have to be present to win and should be announced on the Saturday of the festival.

First Prize: $150.00
Second Prize: $100.00
Third Prize: $50

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