The La Rue Community Alliance is a group of concerned citizens who came together in October, 2013 to help find solutions to make our village a better place to live. When our group formed, we were concerned about losing our school and several businesses.  Businesses that have remained have faced some struggles.  We focused on what we felt were some of the major issues of our area. The number one issue was flooding. So, we decided to take on that issue as our number one concern to see if we could help the situation. We know we can’t stop the flooding but we have made great strides in our first steps to control it. Clarence Greer has been wonderful in mapping out the areas that flood, how the floods affect us at different depths, etc. Since our inception, we have worked with council and the townships in the area and we have found funding for a $100,000.00 early warning system. The system has been installed  and we have a much earlier warning of when the flood is coming and how bad it will be. This enables residents to move their furniture and possessions up out of the water and hopefully lessen the loss they will face. It will also help the residents of Green Camp and Prospect because whatever we get will be coming their way.

The flooding issues are getting under control after a lot of work replacing and cleaning out the drainage tile that directs the floodwater around La Rue.  We will continue to keep an eye on the flooding issue.

We have placed benches in uptown LaRue and we are checking in to placing “green spaces” to make our village look more inviting. We want to promote new businesses coming to town as well as residents and homeowners.

We are an approved 501(c)(3)  tax-exempt organization.